Completed the first round – Social Innovation Generation

SIG completion

The first competition round is Social Innovation Generation, in which contestants demonstrate their understanding of the target social issues and propose effective solutions.

Members of the labs that obtained at least 30 points on a 100-point scale are awarded this recognition.

Evaluation criteria

Part A. Social solution idea
  A1. Social mantra one-liner in a maximum of 15 words (10 points)
  A2. Contributions to UN goals (10 points)
  A3. Target social issue
    A3.1. Describe your target social issues (10 points)
    A3.2. Describe the root cause of your target social issues (10 points)
    A3.3. Describe the current solution landscape (10 points)
A4. Social solution
    A4.1. Explain your social solution design and how it will create the intended impact in the long run (10 points)
    A4.2. Explain the newness of your solution (10 points)
Part B. Stakeholder support
  B1. Stakeholder engagement strategy (10 points)
  B2. Social support campaign performance (10 points)
Part C. Agility
  C1. Improvement strategy: Describe what you have learned and how you improve (10 points)

People who have earned this: