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Ronald Fernando Gamboa Carmen

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As a professional passionate about technology and with a solid track record in the banking and finance sector, I have a firm commitment to innovation and efficiency. My experience has taught me the transformative power of technology, not only to streamline and optimize processes, but also to generate a positive and tangible impact on society. I am deeply convinced that, through the strategic use of technological solutions, we can create more inclusive and beneficial systems for all involved, opening paths towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

As an economist with extensive experience in the banking sector, I am dedicated to merging my financial knowledge with my deep interest in social and innovation projects that promote a positive impact on the community. My goal is to lead and contribute to initiatives that not only seek economic efficiency, but also promote inclusion, sustainable development and collective well-being. I value transparency, ethics and collaboration, elements that I consider fundamental to driving significant and lasting changes in society through financial and technological innovation.

My motivation to participate in Social Business Creation lies in the opportunity to apply my experience in economics and banking towards the development and strengthening of projects with a profound social impact. I seek to collaborate in the creation of businesses that are not only financially viable, but also promote community well-being, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. This commitment to social innovation drives me to explore new ways to solve complex social problems, taking advantage of the tools and methodologies of the business world to generate positive and tangible change in society. I am convinced that my participation in Social Business Creation will be an invaluable platform to learn, share knowledge and experiences, and actively contribute to the development of business solutions that respond to the most pressing social challenges of our time.


BA Economics Universidad del Pacífico

Significant achievements

I successfully led the implementation of a public lighting project in the community of Olmos. This initiative resulted in a significant transformation in the quality of life for residents, providing them with an essential lighting service. This achievement not only improved the safety and well-being of the community, but also underlined the importance of ensuring access to basic services for sustainable development. Beyond this project, I am a mentor at the ONG Netvalue, co-founder of the podcast Disconnect2, which seeks to inform people about current events and relevant topics, and co-founder of the tech-food initiative Gud n’ Healthy, dedicated to promoting healthier eating through technological innovation.