SBC103 Principles of Social Business Execution

SBC103 Principles of Social Business Execution In the dynamic world of social business, the ability to effectively execute business strategies and scale operations is crucial for success. This course delves into the core aspects of executing and scaling social business ventures. It is designed for students aspiring to lead socially focused businesses or integrate social responsibility into traditional business models.

After taking the course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the key aspects of business execution in a social context and the unique challenges it faces.
  2. Describe the different stages of the business execution process and how they apply specifically to social enterprises.
  3. Identify and analyze common problems encountered in executing social business models.
  4. List effective strategies for expanding and scaling social enterprises.
  5. Explain the importance of developing different types of capital (financial, human, social, intellectual) in the success of social enterprises.
  6. Apply best practices in human resources management, including recruitment and mobilization, in the context of social enterprises.
  7. Develop an in-depth understanding of how social enterprises engage diverse stakeholders to develop capital.
  8. Formulate strategies to attract, motivate, and retain talent aligned with the company’s social mission.