EntomoNutris is a biotechnology startup operating in insect farming on an industrial scale. With its circular economy strategy that revalorizes organic waste, it produces high-value products such as animal feed proteins and fertilizers for agriculture. EntomoNutris started its operations in Morocco, where it has a dedicated pilot center for R&D and a multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, and managers in finance, marketing, and business development.

By focusing on sustainable and innovative solutions for food production, EntomoNutris is contributing to the global efforts towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the areas of responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) and zero hunger (SDG 2). The company’s social impact also extends to job creation, as it has provided employment opportunities to local communities in Morocco and plans to do the same in Quebec.

In June 2022, Mohamed DERDOUR established EntomoNutris Inc. to accelerate the company’s growth and expand its operations to North America. Through its commitment to social and environmental responsibility, EntomoNutris aims to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future for all.