SBI-certified foundational trainers

Social Business Implementation (SBI) trainers are teachers and professionals who enable other individuals and organizations to effectively execute their social business model and take it to the next level of growth. The SBI trainers certified by the Social Business Creation (SBC) program have completed SBC rigorous training to gain critical knowledge in business execution, management of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and growth strategies, as well as necessary skills in using gamification and experiential methods to coach their students. They have demonstrated success in facilitating trainees’ learning and skill development so that their trainees can launch their businesses, develop agile strategies in finance, marketing, operations, etc., and overcome obstacles that often arise in the business scaling process.

SBI-certified trainers at the foundational level are the trainers who completed the following requirements:

Social Business Implementation (SBI) foundational trainers
  • Passed the SBC online course on Social Business Implementation (SBI)
  • Passed the SBI evaluator qualifying test
  • Completed three quality evaluations for the SBC business competition in the Execution and Scaleup (ES) round

People who have earned this: