So Excited to Embark on this Journey!

Nobody could ever tell me that my life would never be the same again after becoming a mother!

When I became a mother, I discovered that something changed my life forever: the concept of being my best version! Returning to my previous self, I was a high achiever, eager-beaver, and all the good things, but I can say I was a soild person who only cared about achievement! After that, I became a caring individual who aspires to be a changemaker!

I partnered with my husband for years, committing to becoming a better person every day, and with my sweet little daughter four years ago, even while pregnant! And what a fantastic team I have.

To cut a long story short, after managing myself as a mom and finetuning my mission in life with my expertise and naming it MamaNest Co. to help all women be more empowered after becoming a mom, and having passed nearly the first year after immigartion, it’s now a new phase of my life that I believe I need to move the needle even further! I decided to participate in the competition to Build my Social venture and Create Positive Impacts with the amazing SBC framework.

I’m sure it will be a challenging yet enjoyable journey! Can’t wait to embark on it…
Along the way, I’ll share my key takeaways with you, my incredible network. Stay tuned and Wish me Luck 🙂

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