Social challenge:

Gender-based violence is a highly prominent issue in Mexico, and it has escalated even more in the last few years. There still is no effective and sustainable solution. It is the result of decades of non-stopped violence and the lack of justice for vulnerable groups that have been normalized. In Mexico, 45% of women have suffered at least one incident of sexual harassment or abuse in their life; and 70.1% of women who are 15 years old and above have experienced at least one incident of violence. More than 10 women are murdered daily in Mexico, and still, only 24% of these cases are investigated as femicides. Women are disappearing, being murdered, or sexually assaulted at alarmingly increasing rates, we need immediate action. And in the long term, we need a change of culture and mentality. Even women are part of this culture and need to learn to break free.

Social solution:

We have come up with the initiative Sororas, a community to protect women against gender-based violence and a program to empower them. Sororas works to educate women and help them learn their value to be able to detect and walk away from situations where their integrity is at risk on their own. We want women to be able to learn how to set boundaries, communicate in an assertive way, and be autonomous and completely independent from harmful dynamics and people who threaten their safety. Sororas has the Fifth Sustainable Development Goal at its core. We want to achieve social impact by providing security mechanisms and personal development training.

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