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Somboun Liensakoun

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As a Lao student at the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam, one of the most challenging things was adjusting to my new environment. However, as they say, you reap what you sow. Through my hard work and diligence, I became fluent in Lao, Vietnamese, and English.
I’ve never been one to be satisfied with the status quo. My goal is to continuously strive for more. People know me as a “clever tree worm” because of my strong work ethic. This drive allowed me to serve as the President of the student council at Kiettisack International School. In this role, I helped generate approximately 70 million Lao kip in profits through school events, which I then donated to an underdeveloped school, hoping to benefit the local community.
With this application to the SBC community, I’m hoping to do my best not only for myself, but also for the community. As my university always says, “differentiate to lead.” I’m eager to apply this philosophy and make a positive impact.
Despite the difficulties of being a foreign student, I’ve been able to leverage my multilingual abilities and tireless work ethic to achieve great things. I’m proud of the positive impact I’ve been able to make, and I will continue pushing myself to do even more in the future.