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Melandro Mozart

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Melandro Mozart C. Medrano

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English, Filipino



I’m a 19-year-old aspiring software engineer currently taking a BS in Computer Science at FEU Institute of Technology. I’m driven by a certain passion to create things that make a difference in the world. I am persistent when it comes to learning and am always looking forward to learning new skills and knowledge.

One of my goals when it comes to making any project is to push boundaries and create things that innovate and solve problems in unorthodox yet better ways.

By joining the SBC community, I hope to reach a larger community and create connections to achieve homogenous goals. I also seek to gain knowledge and experiences that I would otherwise be unable to attain without the help of this platform.



BSCS-SE (FEU Institute of Technology, expected graduation on 2026)

Significant achievements

2nd Place Best Pitch Deck, Design Thinking Summit (FEU Institute of Technology, 2024)

  • Researched regarding the feasibility of solid-state batteries as an efficient and effective alternative to lithium-ion batteries

PAMIL Debate Cup 2021

  • Discussed Media and Information Literacy and explored ways to enhance the link between the physical and digital world.


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