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  • Thị Hải Yến Nguyễn

    March 1, 2023 at 8:58 pm

    Hello Huong. I am so happy to have this platform to have more fun and useful ways to spend time with the precious SBC global community 🤩 Have sent you a connection request.

    Below is my personalised message and introduction for all my friends. Please kindly ignore it if you meet it somewhere. I have been just new to the platform, learning by doing by the way, and always excited about SBC as the first time I got to know how amazing it it nearly 3 years ago and never stop amazed by it along the way.

    Hi. I am Yen based in Hanoi, 31 years old. I was a participant in SBC 2021 Edition, a coached trainer at SBC 2022 in SBC 2022 Edition and a lifelong love beholder for SBC😚So proud. I am excited for every activity at SBC thanks to the amazing transformation I got and committed myself with a paying-for-word spirt for SBC, and developing myself along the way. I am happy to belong to the platform and honored if having a chance to get connected to you.

    I am a daily writer at LinkedIn at: , where I combine many of stories on how I applied my platforms, including SBC, for my value creation journey. I am also an active member at SBC LinkedIn group at: (Will you join with us, with me?, then we would meet in more places), and of couse the SBC Facebook Community at: Because each platform has its convenience and ways of networking, will we befriend at all? 😍 I send this personalized message for the fear that I might miss the chance to have you visit my personal SBC account here where above information is also listed. Anyway, FRIENDLY AND KINDLY GIVE ME THE HONOR TO HAVE YOU IN MY CONNECTION IN THIS SBC AMAZING GROUP, by accepting my connection request. THANK YOU🤩”