Tlaloc´s Power

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  • To provide low-cost and easy installation pluvial-water supply systems for low-income communities.

  • In Mexico City whole megalopolis, with a population of more than 32 million habitants, the geographical distribution of water does not coincide with the population distribution; this difference is most noticeable between the north and south of the city; because of hydrometeorological events in the megalopolis there is constant damage to the infrastructure of the water supply system that causes:

          •68% of the water is only destined for 23% of the population, creating an apparent inequity in distributing essential resources and services.

           •40% of the water in the city is being wasted due to leakages in the systems creating a higher demand than the existing reservoirs.

           •22.7% of the water is polluted or highly polluted, making it unusable for human use.

           •58,647 cytidines (people living in the megalopolis’s deep center) had no access to water, according to official reports. 

  • I designed an intelligent pluvial-water collector that detects the humidity in the zone and if it is raining or not so that it can collect the water from the rain; when this is not happening, it covers itself up to be of automatic use and protects its self from acid rain, to avoid collecting water that can damage the device or is not for human use, and the sun rays to make the device last longing. The device will be connected to the water tanks of the user so that it can be used as soon as possible. I also plan to incorporate a water filter in the pipe section of the device so that the water it collects is safe for human consumption.