H2Ostat is a device that detects total heavy metals in water

10′ Presentation 

Slides: Key Contents, Research & Field Work Evidence

H2Ostat Round 1 Slides & Evidence


H2Ostat uses NB-IOT technology to revolutionize real-time heavy metal detection in water


H2Ostat aims to become a pioneering leader in real-time water quality monitoring, empowering communities with actionable insights to safeguard public health and promote environmental sustainability.


Our mission is to enhance access to water information, advancing environmental monitoring and public health through innovative solutions.

By upholding values of integrity, commitment, and compassion, we foster a culture of planetary care, transforming water management for a healthier, sustainable future.

UN Sustainable Development Goals 

TARGET 3.9 – H2Ostat’s vision of becoming a pioneering leader in real-time water quality monitoring directly contributes to SDG Target 3.9 by addressing the reduction of deaths caused by dangerous chemicals and water pollution. 

TARGET 6.1 – H2Ostat’s mission to enhance access to water information is closely aligned with SDG Target 6.1, which seeks to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. 

TARGET 12.8 – H2Ostat’s commitment to fostering a culture of planetary care and transforming water management aligns with SDG Target 12.8, which aims to promote universal understanding of sustainable lifestyles. 

Social Issues

Heavy metals enter water sources due to poor industrial & agricultural practices, electronic wastes, degraded water pipes. Bathing with or consuming water contaminated with heavy metals leads to various health issues from skin irritation to chronic diseases.

Each year in Vietnam, there are:

9,000 deaths + 250,000 hospitalizations + 200,000 cancer cases linked to water pollution (Unicef, 2021)

-> People in Vietnam are worried about their health.

Root Causes

Insufficient public awareness and tools to make informed decisions.

Current Solutions

Devices, services, and systems are complicated, costly, more suitable for industrial/professional used,

Most are not real-time or detecting heavy metals.

Our Solutions 

H2Ostat, a device that informs of potential total heavy metals contamination. It’s small sized, light weight, cost effective, reliable and easy to use for any average household.


H2Ostat Round 1 Slides & Evidence