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SEEDU – SBC Global Round 1



Mission: SEEDU was born with the desire to create a generation of healthy, intelligent, and energetic children with parents. We believe that family is where people can learn core values ​​and grow up to be useful members of society. At the same time, the family is a place to support and heal children’s wounds. Therefore, SEEDU provides high-quality educational courses that help parents improve their knowledge and parenting skills and provide practical ways to help parents develop interaction and connection with their children. Through this, SEEDU helps the young generation in Vietnam improve their mental health, develop healing abilities, and manage external pressures. At the same time, contributing to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals to improve mental health and happiness for everyone.

Vission: SEEDU’s vision is to become a reputable education provider in the field of parenting. SEEDU is committed to bringing the highest value to customers and the community. At the same time, SEEDU aims to build a better world through education and healing.

I. Social Challenge:

A. Social Issue:
Nowadays, the generation Z is facing social, academic, and work pressure, all of which are major challenges in their lives. This can lead to many mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and stress. These issues can have a negative impact on their lives and make them feel lonely, unhappy, and even suicidal. According to the World Health Organization, globally about 10-20% of children and young people have mental health problems.This problem can affect not only the health and lives of individuals but also have a negative impact on labor productivity and the economic development of the country.
B. Root cause

II. Solution idea:

SEEDU is a business that aims to support parents in raising their children. With the motto of “healing from the family” and “Better parents, Happy Children,”  SEEDU focuses on providing courses for parents to help them increase their knowledge, skills, and confidence in raising children.

SEEDU’s courses are designed with innovative features that not only providing  knowledge but also include practical tools for families to apply in their daily lives, such as a family calendar, a gratitude tree, and a family card set. 

SEEDU believes that the practical toolkit will be a new point and also a touchpoint for parents to have more tools to connect with their children and to practice child education issues.

Besides, SEEDU also promotes community support activities by bringing parents and children to participate in social activities

At the end of each course, SEEDU has a program called “Seed Planting,” where parents and children participate in some community organization activities, such as charity events, caring for the elderly living alone, or helping young orphans. 

Finally, SEEDU continues to provide monthly and yearly counseling packages so that parents can connect with any experts or consultants at any time. This can help parents quickly and professionally solve any issues that may arise in the process of caring for their children. 

III. SEEDU’s Video


IV. Stakeholder

  • Dr. Nguyen Thi Hang Phuong – Lecturer of  Psychology & Education Faculty, University of Science and Education – the University of Da Nang:

  • Cadeaux Psychology Center:

  • Angle Investment Fund:

  • House Kids Preschool: