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Brief project description

Social challenge:

Environmental pollution is a significant issue that is having profound repercussions on our planet, and the Fast-fashion industry is exacerbating the problem. Fast-fashion is characterized by rapid and excessive production of clothing driven by changing market trends, resulting in an alarming 92 million tons of textile waste being generated annually. Thereby, making this system responsible for 20% of all global waste. Nonetheless, since this issue bears particularly in clothing producers countries, it is optimistic to explore the vast range of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs that tirelessly toil to become part of the market. For example, in Latin America, small-scale businesses not only practice environmental sustainability, they are also a primary job-creation source, generating 60% of the region’s jobs. Regrettably, mainly due to the market entry barriers such as high investment costs or scale economies, these agents are unable to compete against these big Fast-fashion industries. Hence, Fast-fashion industries not only seriously harms the environment but also retain these entrepreneurs’ growth as it is not reachable for them to compete with such abusive companies.

Solution idea:

Sellers will have a digital store where they offer numerous products. The Hilando app will increase and facilitate online transactions for slow fashion companies as we manage deliveries, the platform and the number of clients in the app. 

Likewise, customers will be able to sell clothes that they no longer use, this potentiates the lifecycle of products and prevents more economic and mass produced clothes from being sold. In Hilando, it’s guaranteed that the transaction will be made without any problems from client to client, reducing the uncertainty of fraud or buying unsatisfying products. Our platform will also have a donation section where clothes will be received and sent to country areas where people don’t have access to the right apparel, giving clothes a second chance to be in good hands. All the products will be delivered by electric vehicles in order to reduce the carbon footprint of Hilando.

Finally, this app will offer an augmented reality tool so that clients will be able to scan themselves with their phones. This technology will obtain the diverse body dimensions of potential buyers, facilitating their decision regarding the various sizes of clothing and most importantly, making the purchase process simple and precise.