– Multiverse of Health is a platform to support mental health for Vietnamese people.
– In Vietnam, while 15,000 people have mental health problems and 3 million children need mental health services, the price for a psychological examination is up to 700,000–800,000 VND, and there are only 41 mental hospitals nationwide. In addition, research from UNICEF and ODI also shows that rural areas do not have enough material and human resources to provide psychological treatment for young people. However, this is the right time for the project because of the development of technology and AI, coupled with the development of the self-help industry and the need for mental fulfillment. Additionally, The market for mental health is expected to reach $418.9 billion by 2022, according to IMARC, and it will likely continue to grow. Currently, North America has the majority of the market. In Vietnam, there is just one doctor for every 100,000 patients, compared to 12.4 doctors per 100,000 patients in the US. There is undoubtedly enormous potential for mental health services globally and in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, MoH targets Gen Z, with a family income of 15–30 million VND per month and suffering from anxiety disorders.
– Multiverse of Health is a mental health platform that connects therapists to people and helps the patients build long-lasting routines to aid their mental wellbeing. With this app, people no longer need to travel so far for therapy and can easily purchase money for therapy sessions. MoH will have three main features: (1) Support users to consult with psychologists remotely, schedule appointments 24/7 by week; (2) Logs equipped with an AI chatbot help find pathological signs and support patient improvement; (3) Exercises to support psychology and mindfulness to stabilize the patient’s condition. With the prosperous market size and potential market growth, our solution is aiming to finish the prototype at the end of March, while finding partnerships with doctors and therapists in different hospitals and researching science-based evidence on setting up routines, spiritual development and emotional development.



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