Instructions for R3 submission


  1. You must submit a recorded presentation totaling 10 minutes (in any format and style) to your landing page for regional evaluation by 23h59 on August 10, 2023 (Montreal time). 
  2. Only the lab leader can submit the group work. Click here for the evaluation form for Round 3.
  3. In the case that you want to keep your presentation confidential, we can help you create a page that requires a password to enter. See the instructions in Step 2.
  4. The process of submission is similar to what you did in Round 1 and Round 2. The whole process should take less than 30 minutes if all your materials are ready.
  5. If you experience technical difficulty or need help uploading files, please message sbc-community immediately for support.
  6. Your lab needs to score 60% on a 100-point scale to pass. If your lab is among the top 30%, we will send you the link to select the one-on-one coaching session on August 18, 2023. You may skip these sessions if you do not want to compete for the global prize of this round (i.e., “Oustanding Growth-Oriented Social Business” award). You must book your slot by August 19 (23h59 Montreal time) to be in the global coaching schedule on August 20. If you do not book your slot by the deadline, you will not compete for the global prize of this round. If you complete the coaching requirement, we will send you on August 23 the link to the global presentation of August 24.

Step 1: Create your landing page for Round 3

1. Go to the project page

Go to your profile and click on “Pages”

Click on “Add new”

Enter the title “EXECUTION & SCALE-UP” and post it to your competition group. Note that the tabs of your submissions for previous rounds are “SOCIAL INNOVATION” and “BUSINESS MODEL” and posted to your competition group, whereas the case submissions are named after the course (e.g., “SBC101 case”, “SBC102 case”, “SBC103 case) and posted to your case groups.

2. Enter the text and upload your video(s).

Make sure that your mantra is consistent with what you present in your video, in the text of this landing page, and on your competition group’s description page.

You can upload new videos directly to the site or insert a link from Youtube where you post your video.

This landing page is an important communication tool to promote your business to potential supporters and investors (who may not be SBC coaches or judges).

3. Strengthen your argument

You should post your performance proof, fieldwork evidence, and any document that can strengthen your presentation (for example, scientific studies, statistics, etc.).

4. Publish your page

Check to make sure your page appears precisely as how you want to present it to the judges. Then click on “Publish” and “Save Page”.

If you want to keep this presentation confidential to judges only, you must message sbc-community BEFORE THE DEADLINE to publish it as a password-protected tab for you. In your message, make sure to mention the password you want to use. Judges cannot see any non-published pages and will give a zero note when they do not see the information relevant to the “EXECUTION & SCALE-UP” round.