Project description

Wild Beauty brand is my first step established over 7 years ago. How? Wild Beauty is a brand of 100% natural skin and hair care products with consultation. The goal is to expand this brand into 2 other sectors of environmental preservations via education and organic farming via training and community mobilization of both advantage and disadvantage society members.
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The social issues targeting are poverty in micro and microlevels of economy and sociolevels. Next is the clean water and air. Then it is sustainable agricultural practices. Another is equality and fairness in jobs.

Social solution is making sure the community is being energized to a healthier body via respecting the environment and self as part of a greater being. This can occur via taking measure and practices in developing sustainable well managed conservation of wild vegetation as well as organic farming. The team also approaches educational awareness via curriculum development for schools at all levels. Furthermore the Wild Beauty which started with 100% natural skin and hair care products would wish to take its next venture into international sustainable pharmaceutical company.