Project Description

Product Prototype





Target social issue

In Vietnam, orphanages and poverty are two daunting issues. More than 2 million Vietnamese children are suffering from poverty, orphanage, or abandonment. It has been even worse since the Covid pandemic hit, 4,000 children now have to grow up suffering the loss of care and love. Meanwhile, we identify 2 underlying problems of different segments – the donors and the enterprises. For donors, in a developing country like Vietnam, donating is quite a popular culture. However, it is not for young people, usually university students or fresh graduates. They have goodwill, but the barriers to donating are too overwhelming for them. It could be that they don’t have enough money or time, or it’s just simply that they have much other busy stuff to care about in their life. On the other hand, to grow revenue, most enterprises have affiliate marketing programs, where they pay who help them acquire and retain customers. Enterprises also have a CSR budget to contribute to social activities, but they need to enhance their branding in parallel.

Social solution idea

WeShare is a fundraising platform born with the mission to turn daily consumption into sustainable donations and make millions of children’s lives better while enhancing the growth of businesses via revenue and CSR services.

Users just open the shopping/booking sites from WeShare (it could be Shopee, Tiki, or Lazada,…) and purchase as usual, a portion of every order will be donated to support the children in need without extra cost.

But where do the donations come from? WeShare applies the affiliate marketing model, similar to cashback, helping merchants sell their products or services. For every conversion, we receive a commission which will be used to support the children in need.

WeShare helps businesses sell their products/services, grow revenue and customers via affiliate marketing. Merchants just need to pay-for-what-they-get, based on their defined unit cost. For every conversion made through WeShare, merchants will pay a relative commission whose commission rate is defined by them, usually a portion of the order. Thus, this can help brands and merchants to lower their cost but optimize the results. Moreover, WeShare helps businesses strengthen their brand and CSR values.