Project description

Social challenge:

A long time a go, banana tree had been grown all over my country, with around 200.000 hectares of plantation in Vietnam generating 10 million tons of banana stem agro waste. The fruit grows rapidly from 6-8 months until havest, farmer throw stems away which causes environmental pollution.


More over, Vietnamese women like most women in ASIA, spent most of their lives raising and caring their family and children with little or lack of resouces to access knowledge and skill to develop a career Many areas in the Northeastern Vietnam where discrimination against women in education and career is still visible.

Solution idea: Based on the mentioned issues, the project “ VIETFI” is to implement up-cycling banana waste into value-added products, return nutrients to the soil and nature. This project will turn waste into trade, creating jobs for women and giving them more income. To solve social issues, the project is to:

       Train female worker to make banana fiber

       Instruct women to make crafts

       Help women to marketing and sales for tourist