FUV Social Impact Catalyst Project Description

Student projects are typically faced with numerous challenges when trying to solve the society’s problems, including but not limited to: 

(1) Lack of orientation: The Vietnamese generation is constantly instilled with a drive and inspiration to create and advance innovations aimed at resolving societal issues. However, the important problem is that they are lacking adequate guidance to materialise these ideas into reality. The youth in Vietnam have limited opportunities to obtain the necessary knowledge and rudimentary skills requisite for comprehending the procedures of constructing, executing, and advancing projects. 

(2) Lack of supportive community: The aspiration of student projects to seek guidance and form connections with experts within the respective domain prompts them to engage with the community. Nevertheless, projects may adopt a competitive disposition, striving to identify unique selling points to gain an advantage in attraction and commonality. Moreover, the limited support from the community within the same field may further exacerbate the challenges that students face in bringing their projects to fruition. While students may have access to experts in their specific area, they may lack access to a broader range of expertise and knowledge from other areas that could be valuable in advancing their projects.  Therefore, the founding of Social Impact Catalyst Fulbright (SIC Fulbright) represents an effort to empower young leaders of tomorrow through innovation and entrepreneurship to build sustainable solutions and catalyse impact for the world. SIC Fulbright’s training programs, the provision of resources and network can help to address the gaps in knowledge, skills as well as orientation to ensure that students have the foundation needed to execute their projects effectively. Additionally, the organisation’s emphasis on creating a diverse community is vital in fostering collaboration and support among student projects. By bringing together individuals with varying backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, SIC Fulbright can create an environment that promotes knowledge-sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration. Based on this, we aim to help students to develop more comprehensive and effective solutions to social problems.