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Business mantra: AI platform with dermatologist connection to quickly and accurately improve skin health at home, anywhere.



Social Challenge

Currently, the early diagnosis of the initial stage to support the treatment of dermatological diseases is of great interest. However, some factors make this difficult. Firstly, the overload from specialized hospitals makes patients wait for a long time, which wastes time and money. Secondly, it is difficult for rural, mountainous, and island areas to access medical facilities with good dermatology expertise for diagnosis and treatment. Thirdly, people who work during office hours do not have much time to visit specialized public hospitals. Fourthly, young people with dermatological diseases at GenZ (15-24 year-olds) age are afraid to go to medical facilities for examination. And finally, the shortage of dermatologists leads people to tend to go to general doctors for diagnosis, but the accuracy of diagnosis by GPs is much lower than that with a dermatologist. From the difficulties, there must be a solution to partially solve this problem in the 4.0 technology era to save the patient time, money, and effort.


Social solution idea

A solution named Skin Detective was created to solve the mentioned difficulty problems. Skin Detective is a mobile application integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) capable of automatically analyzing dermatological conditions and connecting users with dermatologists for initial consultation and diagnosis support from far away. It was developed based on the research work of lecturers of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, International University, and doctors of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, published in the International Journal. The app now has built-in AI that automatically analyzes acne (including the number of types and severity of acne), psoriasis, and eczema. In the next phase, Skin Detective will integrate AI technology for intelligent virtual assistant applications in comprehensive healthy skin care and management. With this product, Skin Detective wishes to create a tool to assist doctors in connecting, consulting, and making initial diagnoses of skin diseases faster and more accurately, and at the same time, providing users with Useful information about dermatology and your skin conditions and how to take care of your skin most effectively. Besides, users can book an appointment at medical facilities affiliated with the app right on Skin Detective.

The target social issues for UN goals




Here are some pictures of the product’s interface


Skin detective app introduction video


The project creates economic value for:

– Users (save time and costs)

– For medical facilities (find the right patients, reduce the load on overloaded routes, arrange a schedule of visits and treatment appropriate to the facility).

– Brands, spas: known and used by many people.

– Dermatologists: increase overtime income, gain more experience.

This is a value chain that shows the relationship of economic benefits and services provided by Skin Detective with beneficiaries and customers.


In which the target customers are: Gen Z users from 15-24 year-olds (B2C). This is a B2C model. However, in order to be more complete towards economic and social benefits for GenZ users, we want to develop more B2B2C models. We will divide the monitoring and care of each user for different medical facilities through the application. Our mission is to accompany, monitor, analyze, and support them throughout the care process.

The market of Skin Detective


Our team consists of 2 co-founders. There are 4 main departments in the team to build and develop the application: the clinical team with our cooperated dermatologists, AI team, app development team, the communication, and the business team.



With core team





Crowdfunding and cooperation


Funded ~ 6400 USD to develop products to bring to market faster of Aus4Innovation to done:

– Completing and implementing AI technology.

– Estimate the number of users.

– Research data and user needs.

Collaborate with Rohto to develop the app’s AI with over 85% accuracy and publish scientific papers.

The project has also applied for a patent on the app’s AI technology. It has been approved and is awaiting appraisal.

We look forward to being able to receive support from investors and the cooperation of medical facilities, doctors, and brands. From there, the application can be further developed, bringing more social and economic benefits.

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