Hello! Some things we can tell you about CALMA!

A.1. Social Mantra

“Our commitment to health includes the planet.”

The social mantra “Our commitment to health includes the planet” reflects the purpose, values, and personality of Calma, where the goal is to promote well-being by reducing the environmental impact of healthcare facilities.

Meaning of CALMA:

The etymology of “calma” means intense summer heat, it is related to the climate changes we are experiencing due to the current environmental situation. However, the perception of the word is related to peace and tranquility. In this sense, we chose “calma” as our name because although there is a problem, we still have time to solve it.


To create, coordinate, and apply a personalized situational analysis for healthcare institutions in Mexico, promoting an ecological culture that dignifies the goal of achieving sustainable development and minimizing the direct and indirect carbon footprint of hospitals in Mexico.


To be a company that seeks to implement renewable energy systems in hospitals, reducing waste generation, recycling water, and transforming the healthcare sector, promoting a healthy future for our planet.

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