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  1. Greeting everyone. My name is Dinh Thuy Phuong. I am Vietnamese. But please feel free to call me Jael following my English name. I am CEO of Bio-Advances JSC and today I would like to present our project on Sustainable Well-being contributing to the Climate Act.
  2. The concept of either carbon neutral or carbon credit seems no more rare in most of Western nations, however, those terms are still unfamiliar in Vietnam. To illustrate, in 2025, we pilot the Vietnamese carbon market for the first time and we have only one enterprise, up to now, successfully neutralise carbon footprint.
  3. Nevertheless, as far as our observation, on concerning the forest carbon pools, normally, the top and the bottom layers have been calculated whereas the layer on the surface has not yet been mentioned throughoutly. The forest covers approximately 31% of the earth, that means, somehow, we have not yet taken advantages of plant underground to add in the carbon cycle.
  4. Also, from the economic perspective, once we successfully exploit the underground plant world, not only we achieve the bio-diversity, but also we expand the income for the worker in the argo-forest industry. And we need to emphasise on the capacity of preserving land and rainwater of the underground plant world as well.
  5. From this standpoint, one of the accurate solutions is to establish an eco-system of bio-based products, namely shower gel or pet perfume. Within this competition of Social Business Creation, we would like to introduce our hero product: resistance starch which is identified as natural ingredient building a healthy digestive system, made of galangal, mung bean, and arrowroot – the underground plants.
  6. More in detail, there are a vast quantity of rationales leading to unhealthy digestive system, however, one of the most major ones has been blamed for the imbalance of gut microbiota. Gut microbiota refers to the entire ‘population’ of microorganisms living in your digestive system, benefiting the general health in many aspects following the proportion of around 85% of good bacteria and roundly 15% of bad bacteria. When this balance is disrupted, the bad bacteria can provoke digestive disorders as demonstrated in the slide.
  7. Nonetheless, among an eco-system of bio-based commodities, what makes resistance starch stand out of the pool? – The responses vary, but hereby is the two main one. On May 29th 2023, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health published a statistic that more than 10% of the Vietnamese population suffering digestion-relevant diseases, equalling to over 10 million persons. And there is no sign that this movememnt will stop increasing. Looking into the global scale, May 29th is chosen to be the World Digestive Health Day with the aim of raising public awareness of the role of digestive health for the fact that there has been a rise in the number of people worldwide facing unhealthy conditions as the negative outcome of imbalanced digestive system.
  8. Having said that, to address this problem, even though numerous methods being known so far, there have been noted of either chemical substances left in the body or harm to the general health after consuming those methods for a duration. To illustrate, some of popular side effects are listed as bloating, or abdominal cramps. Meanwhile, apart from medical approaches, highlighted in two last decades, it has witnessed a new tendency of healthy eating habit with noticeable impacts. The similarities of those new trends are long time consuming to win the target and in some cases, they require a fortune as well. From those above reasons, resistance starch has turned out to be a healthy approach to tackle this issue.
  9. Some of other benefits of resistance starch are listed as shown in the slide.
  10. On the other hand, one of the most vulnerable communities co-living with relevant-digestive diseases is the community of cerebral palsy children due to obstacles in both moving and wisdom. From those perspectives, Bio Advances JSC stands in the supplier position providing healthy bio-based products as support treatment to digestive system without causing any damage to the general health, essentially to the vulnerable community of cerebral palsy children.
  11. In brief, in terms of CSR, we have co-brand with Cerebral palsy family association Vietnam in building and operating Go-Green product range with a part of revenue investing into the community of the Vietnamese cerebral palsy children.
  12. Regarding the global scale, resistance starch mostly exist in processed and packaged food with the popular rate being lesser than 10% and not yet in a form of an independent item.
  13. In Bio-Advances JSC, we process resistance starch as a plant-based alternative meal in a package of ready-to-eat product, being safe for people over 6-month years old and suitable for people suffering from diabetes. Substantially, our commodity provides the highest percentage of resistance starch in the Vietnamese market is of 18%.
  14. At this moment, please investigate 2 feedback from the customer being mother of cerebral palsy children.
  15. In Bio-Advances JSC, we apply the model of sustainable farming on Bak Can Mountain with three-fold major purposes. First and foremost, we nurture the bio-system and start to measure how underground plant world contributing to the carbon cycle. Secondly, by recruiting the tribe living on the mountain to work in our material source, we create jobs for the native there, vitally the local women. Last but not least, we explore the natural character of those underground plants to create an eco-system of bio-based product to the consumers.
  16. Traction, we are proud to win over 75% of the client making the regular order and hopefully we lean our model to be easily cloned worldwide since we believe, this model will contribute to the Climate Act, even humbly, as well as to co-walk with the digestive health of cerebral palsy children for a better life.
  17. To end this presentation, please take a look at some of SDGs we have achieved so far. Thanks so much for your listening.