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Social Mantra

“ Bridges Vietnamese youth with experts for health and mental guidance when unintended pregnancies occur.”


Project description

A centralized intermediate service that registers adolescents in need and connects them with hospitals, doctors, and specialists to provide them with the necessary support for pregnancy-related problems.


Target social issue

FloraCare is concerned with problems related to adolescent pregnancy in Vietnam. This includes the lack of  adolescent pregnancy related support services and the insufficient amount of information on adolescent pregnancy. In Vietnam, while data on adolescent pregnancy is inconclusive, the prevalence of ‘underground’ abortions reinforces the perception that teenage sexual activity is normative, leading to increased unwanted pregnancies with most teens not being fully informed about sexual behaviors (Nguyen, Shiu, and Farber, 2016).

Here are several statistic we found on the target social issue:

  • Adolescent fertility rate in Vietnam recorded in 2021: 34.6 births per 1000 women (Statista, 2024).
  • According to a report by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (2022), Vietnam is among the 20 countries globally with the highest rates of teenage abortion, with approximately 300,000 officially recorded cases per year.
  • A hospital in Ho Chi Minh city has recorded 528 cases of adolescent pregnancy in 2023 (Tuoi Tre Online, 2024).

The problem currently is affecting the Vietnamese youth demographic aged 12-17 (Male & Female) which are dealing with unintended pregnant adolescents or victims of unsolicited sexual activities. 


Solution to Impliment

Main solution: 

  • Offers counseling sessions with psychologists and medical professionals
  • Connect adolescents with a wide range of health center
  • Provide career-oriented and social integration solutions

Supporting products:

  • Toy – Provide psychological support and create a feeling of having someone to accompany upon an unexpected pregnancy for our clients.
  • App, Website, Pharmacies Consultant, Hotline – Support as a bridge for counseling, reassurance, and help them meet with experts.
  • Book, Shortfilm – Foster empathy, share stories that help increase awareness and knowledge among the youth.
  • Facebook Fanpage – Communicate knowledge, create a community to spread the message and support the project.



For further information, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Fanpage: FloraCare Vietnam

Hotline: 0906796565 – 0936757906

Website: Coming soon