The purpose of this project is to have clean water  for all people in any community. 

Social Challenge:

The problem is that we have water pollution  in almost all our Rivers lakes and even oceans but the thing is that the 3% of water that we can use for us, needs to pass through many chemical filters to make it  potable and in a long Term this chemicals affect us and may cause some damage in our kidneys, urinary tract and some other side effects, because the very first chemical that they used to clean water is chlorum followed by iodine and bromine, And our goal is to reduce the usage of this chemical products and substitute them for alternative ones in order to have a better impact in people’s life because in some communities at least here in Mexico they have no potable water and they are obligated to drink, wash their clothes and use dirty water for their daily lives, thanks to the circumstances of water pollution and the chemicals that the industries discard. 

Social Solution:

TAG-NG  is a solution for this because we don’t use chemicals that are harmful for us, even if you  drink it nothing will happen to you. In addition the filters for some golf clubs, sports clubs, schools or even for houses are sometimes expensive and in case they are cheaper you need to change it at least twice a year but with our product you can clean 10,000 L with 0.25 L of product in the best conditions and in the worst ones 2.5 L of product for 10,000 L.  Also for the communities that have no access to clean water or even potable water we can teach them how to use a product and thanks to the efficiency of this, we can make a difference in people’s life.

Video description:


We have certified laboratory analyses by the National Polytechnic Institute, along with field evidence from various aquifers in Mexico City. However, these results contain information about the formula used for the product, which carries the risk of plagiarism. We would be happy to provide all the scientific documentation supporting the analyses and tests performed when moving forward with our project.