Social Issue

In Peru, accessing quality healthcare is a major social issue due to the high costs of insurance and clinics, as well as long waiting times in public hospitals. This has made it difficult for many people to access surgery services due to financial constraints or limited time. Private surgeons have emerged as an option to provide surgery services at a lower cost to those in need. However, many people struggle to find reputable surgeons as there are limited channels for promoting their services, leading to higher prices and potentially compromising the quality of care. This lack of accessibility and visibility to private surgeons has a direct impact on the health of many people, particularly those from low-income backgrounds. To address this issue, a platform could be created to connect people with affordable, trustworthy private surgeons. This would not only improve healthcare access and outcomes for all but also create opportunities for private surgeons to expand their practice and reach new patients. By breaking down the barriers to quality healthcare services, we can promote a healthier, more equitable society in Peru.

Social Solution

We are planning to provide a complete platform specialized in connecting people looking for a surgery service and private surgeons. Currently, in Peru, there is a solution that tries to address the connection of people with private doctors, but we believe that the sensitivity of an operation as it is surgery requires a specialized platform so people can have detailed information about what is the surgery about, the reputation of the surgeon and provide complementary services such as the upload of files regarding the operation, as well as an in-live tracking after the operation is completed so the person can have more confidence on it. Aligned to it, we evaluate the possibility of offering microcredits specifically to address the lack of financial capabilities to pay for an operation so we can democratize the health service that sometimes is way limited for people in Peru. Also, providing training for the doctors to improve their abilities regarding soft skills as wells as how to improve communication and promotion skills to reach more patients would be considerably beneficial as it is hard for new incoming doctors to start in the business as the lack of reputation goes against them.

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