Social purpose statement

Bringing energy, light and internet to the life of the poorest of the poor through Social Innovation, Community Impact and Technology


Target social issue 

Litro de Luz tries to solve two main problems: lack of energy that according to UN affects 770 million people (equivalent to all population of Europe), and the absence of internet that as stated by impacts 3.4 billion people. The lack of electricity and Internet are related to a new dimension of poverty that is called Digital Poverty. Nowadays, 31 million people live without electricity across Latin America. Only in Colombia, around 5 million people live without connection to the national grid, which means that roughly 1 million families live without electricity. According to El Tiempo, the main newspaper in the country, 1.710 small villages are still lit with candles in 2022.


Social solution idea

Litro de Luz is a social enterprise with a model for profit of sustainability, 75% of the board of directors are women. In the year 2015, ELISA & ELIoT were created with the objective of bringing public light and internet to regions without electrical energy and to areas affected by armed conflict, also thinking that the solution could be easily installed in disaster areas.

  • ELISA is a solar streetlight built from affordable elements available in any market. (Energy – Light – Inclusive –Sustainable – Affordable)
  • ELIoT is an intelligent solar streetlight that has the capacity to deploy a wireless WiFi network so that as a community is lit up, an internet access network can be deployed for the inhabitants. (Energy – Light – Internet oThings).

Our intervention is carried out in communities of difficult access, which are in conditions of extreme poverty and do not have the services of energy, lighting and internet. We are focused on communities in rural areas affected by the conflict and we are committed to mitigate the digital and energy poverty, offering for the first time lighting, energy and access to the internet for the inhabitants.

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