-Create jobs for indigenous people in Song Cau area

-Environmental protection

-Educate people about the environmental harm and benefits of clean tea farming

-Increase value for tea plants

Social Challenge:

Because people in the Cau River area used to use too much herbicide when cultivating tea, so the environment was heavily polluted. In addition, the people here live a poor life and depend a lot on the factory when selling tea to the market, so when the factory withdraws from the locality, people do not know how to take advantage and sell tea. for the performance with such a large tea resource. The value of tea is also very low and the quality is reduced due to polluted cultivation.


 The Thinh An Tea Cooperative was established to persuade people not to use chemicals and at the same time invite other agricultural projects to the locality to support the supply of clean raw materials and fertilizers to help people. more efficient tea cultivation. The cooperative has also consumed tea products, divided labor for people here so that people can safely cultivate according to the strength of each household. The cooperative has also researched and promoted many products from tea to many regions of the country to improve the value of tea trees. Along with that is the improvement of the landscape of tea hills to expand and develop the regional calendar

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