KICK-IT-OFF: A comprehensive lifeskill platform providing personalised education and developing active learning with real-life simulation games.


About the social issues: 

Lack of essential lifeskills generally concerns young people, mainly between 15 – 24 years old. An overall lack of lifeskill is among reasons attributed to risks for young people such as poor performance, depression and even suicide. According to the Education Commission and UNICEF, nearly three quarters of young people aged 15 to 24 in 92 countries with available data are off-track to acquire the skills needed for employment (2022). Another survey claimed that 6 in 10 parents worry their teenage children lack essential life skills (2019) which include how to deal with their stress and feelings, time management, personal finance management and even self-care. Claire Round of National Citizen Service (NCS Trust) claimed that there are multitude of ways in which youngsters today can learn essential life skills for their future. The fact that most schools only cater for academic skills and lack of social-emotional skills is a further reason to be blamed for the shortage of lifeskills among the youth.


By applying the design thinking model to social problems, we deeply understand the needs and context of the people affected. We aim to design a simulation games app where players must make decisions to solve real-life problems replicated in the games to score points. Tips and tricks of soft skills will be implemented into the story games and players could also practise basic survival skills through AR application. The game takes less than an hour to play and it fosters players understanding of major decision-making points in real-life problems. In designing a comprehensive solution, we aspire to develop a 1:1 mentoring program for people to learn and grow in their personal and professional development. They are beneficial for both mentors and mentees, as well as for the organisations that implement them. As mentees can learn from the experience and advice of their mentors, who can guide them through their career challenges and opportunities, they can improve their skills, knowledge, and confidence, as well as their productivity and performance. And for mentors, they can share their expertise and insights with their mentees, who can also teach them new things and perspectives. It is also a way that they can strengthen their reputation and influence within the organisation and the industry. 






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