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About Our Purpose

We aim to provide comprehensive and engaging gender education to adolescents. Through its innovative app, Purple offers educational comic strips and interactive features that empower teenagers with accurate and practical knowledge about gender education. The app’s content and activities help young people understand and navigate gender-related issues, promoting a healthier and more informed approach to sexuality and relationships. With a focus on compassion, empowerment, and positive impact, we strive to contribute to a safer and more educated generation of adolescents.

About Our Leadership and People Culture

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3. Competency and Culture

To ensure business performance and working culture, we developed 8 essential universal competencies, applying across employee life cycle

We bring people in diverse background to conquer the Social Impact together.


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Together with Purple, let’s finally guarantee the right to access sex education to all teenagers!

*Offer letter of Mr. Xuan Linh Tran


*Contact information for comments

  • Project Leader: Nguyen Tan Sang 

Phone: 052. 801. 4910

Email:  [email protected]

  • Vice Project Leader: Pham Thanh Duc Tuong

Phone: 070. 471. 2772

Email:  [email protected]