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Career Orientation, Skills Training & Development of Job Opportunities for LGBTIQA+ People


The LGBTIQA+ people in VN face a lot of difficulties & barriers in career development & job accessing due to many reasons, among which the discrimination from the society & employers is the key one. Therefore, we were inspired to develop a business project in order to help them have more job opportunities, social inclusion and career development. The project, built and lead by Viet Hoi Nhap Human Resource Development Company, is the 1st social business doing career orientation, skills trainings & facilitation of job opportunities for LGBTIQA+ in Vietnam. Firstly, with our career orientation & coach activities, our experts can help the customers position and understand themselves, choose their right kind of jobs, understand the job that they want to do, and know a roadmap to obtain it. Secondly, our training programs & services, tailored exactly for LGBTIQA+ people by experts with extensive knowledge of gender equality, social inclusion, LGBTIQA+ issues, and diversity, will help them become more confident, come out (if they want). Besides, the courses can help them develop their skills, then master career skills to earn employment. Thirdly, the customer will be mentored on job accessing, how to develop a good CV, to negotiate the salary, and to win an interview. Then, they will be accompanied in career development and social inclusion. The project provides comprehensive solutions for the root causes to help change the mindset of LGBTIQA+ people, to enable them to be confident, come out and be ready for their personal & career development. With these activities, we can bright the life & career for the LGBTIQA+ people!



The LGBTIQA+ people in Vietnam face a lot of difficulties & barriers in career development, social inclusion and job accessing.

Social challenges

The LGBTIQA+ community in Vietnam lacks career orientation and skills, social inclusion and faces many barriers in accessing job opportunities due to many reasons. Firstly, in Vietnam, in the minds of many Vietnamese people, they still consider LGBTQIA+ as a disease, so it causes social stigma. Second, they lack career orientation and skills. It is the prejudices & stigmas from the society, and schools that causes many LGBTIQA+ people to be internalized, to hide themselves and lacks confidence to come out or integrate into the society. This leads to a consequence that many LGBTIQA people dropout early, or hesitate in seeking new opportunities for personal and career development.  Besides, they lack confidence and social integration skills from the community. Third, many of them are stigmatized and rejected by employers. Many employers are not aware of gender equality, diversity and social inclusion. Further, there is no protective legal framework. Last but not least, there is a lack of sustainable social impact business activities to provide employment opportunities and increase social inclusion for the LGBTQIA+ community. Currently in Vietnam, the activities supporting this community are mostly development projects/NGOs with short-term impacts.

Social solutions

1. For LGBTIQA+ peple:

  • Improvement of social inclusion
  • Reduction of unemployment rate
  • Career development

2. For employers:

  • Gender equality at workplace
  • Sustainable development



We have successfully mobilized contributions from different stakeholders to make this project possbile and successful.

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Project summary

Targeted social issues:

The LGBTIQA+ community lacks career orientation, skills, and faces many barriers in job accessing & career development in Vietnam.


1. Main cause:

  • Discrimination by society.

  • LGBTIQA+ lack career orientation and skills.

  • Discrimination by employers.

 2. In-deep causes:

– Lack of protective legal framework.

– Internalization and early dropping out of school 

– Lack of confidence & social inclusion

– Employers: not aware of gender equality, diversity, and social inclusion.

 3. Root causes:

– Prejudice and gender stereotypes from the majority group

– Lack of sustainable social business activities with long-term impact solutions  

Solutions for social issue:

Contribution to UN SDGs

Vision: In the next 10 years, an effective support ecosystem will be formed to support for LGBTIQA+ community’s career development & social inclusion.

Mission: is associated with the three UN SDGs, including:

1. SDG 4.4 – Increase the number of young people and adults with relevant skills, including vocational and technical skills sufficient to enter the labor market, have decent work and engage in business.

2. SDG 5: Gender equality

3. SDG 8.6 – Reduce the proportion of unemployment among the young by education or training.

Key activities:

i) Career & life skills training;

ii) Career coach & orientation;

iii) Facilitation of job accessing & career development;

iv) Social inclusion.