eJOY project description

Founded in 2019, eJOY aspires to make learning English easier, more enjoyable, and more effective. We are constantly innovating to develop a learning platform where learners’ uniqueness is respected, diversity is accepted, and learners’ potential and creativity are unlocked. 

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Social target issue: In many non-native English speaking countries, people invest a lot of resources to learn English in order to get decent jobs or upskill to avoid being left behind by the technology advancement and globalization but their English proficiency (academic achievement, application in work and real life) has not improved as expected, leading to the risk of 40% of employees losing their jobs. 


Vision: eJOY’s vision by 2025 is to successfully build the World’s Eduverse for everyone. It is a place where people, regardless of skin color, social status, or circumstances, have the opportunity to learn effectively and enthusiastically. And more importantly, everyone can see their career development and become lifelong learners.


Mission: To enable AI to innovate the way we learn and make learning fun and effective for everyone.


Contribution to UN Goals: