Through our partnerships with planters, sponsors, and partners, we have already made a significant impact in the fight against deforestation and climate change. Most recently, we received support for 12,500 mangrove trees for the Ben Tre mangrove forest at a cost of 10,000 VND per tree. This has resulted in the planting of 12,500 mangrove trees.



Now also start with an end. Why do we do what we do? 

When exploring the social issue of reforestation, we were shocked to learn about the widespread lack of transparency in traditional reforestation efforts, that is the reason why individuals and organizations are hesitant to contribute to afforestation efforts. Since then, we recognized the need for a change to create a more reliable system for monitoring and managing these efforts, and the use of blockchain technology and NFTs just fell into place. 

Being a part of BlockTree has provided us with an understanding of the challenges involved in reforestation efforts, and the innovative approach to better address these challenges.

Our mission is to plant one million trees across Asia, we are focusing on creating more awareness and involvement among individuals, and organizations throughout Asia. Definitely, we cannot achieve this goal without your help. Let’s join our hand in creating a more sustainable and greener planet for us and our future generation. Thank you.

Video presentation round 1 :