UN Goals:
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
GOAL 15: Life on Land

Macaland is on a journey to help people’s income by effectively applying macadamia oil and organic agricultural products to natural beauty care products for further developing the Vietnamese economy and protecting the natural ecosystem.

Social challenge:
Currently, many farmers and some businesses in Vietnam are racing to grow macadamia, which is a high-value crop and can be used for food processing or as an ingredient in cosmetic production. However, in each harvest season, only large and round seeds are selected to eat and sell, while small and defective macadamia nuts will not be sold, greatly affecting the income of Vietnamese farmers. In addition, the consequences of chemical abuse in agriculture have shown many shortcomings such as: soil fertility, pests and diseases evolving to adapt and adversely affecting human health. According to statistics of the Organic Agriculture Research Institute (FiBI) in 5-year (2010-2015), the area of organic farming and farming in Vietnam is still too small. Enterprises investing in agriculture will play an important role to encourage farmers to increasingly develop towards production, cultivate organic food products that ensure human health, as well as meet domestic consumption and export.

Social idea:
Macaland has effectively taken advantage of the agricultural resources left behind to be pressed into Macadamia oil and applied exclusively to products for repairing damage, taking care of Vietnamese people’s skin and hair. Our goal is to effectively apply technology to the natural ingredients of Vietnam itself to the Vietnamese people, partially supporting the people’s income source. In addition, we also aim to develop the application of organic agricultural products to contribute to the regulation of the natural ecosystem and reduce negative impacts on the natural environment.

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