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ECOSILKY – Vietnamese fabrics for a sustainable future

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Best touch on Earth

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4. Social challenge

The two fields of social challenges of our concern include environment and health.

As for the environment, garment industry waste is currently the second most causing pollution. According to (2022), there are 100 million tons of textile waste every year, of which 92 million tons of textile waste end up in landfills. The dyeing and finishing processes only are responsible for 3% of global CO2 emissions as well as over 20% of global water pollution with the applied color and chemicals. As global warming proliferates, fast fashion brands have produced twice the amount of clothes today than in 2000.

About health, with the ubiquitous presence of microplastics, particularly synthetic fibers, humans are exposed to these particles everywhere and it is now generally known that we eat, drink, and breathe plastic every day (, 2022). These increasingly accumulated small particles in fast fashion and synthetic clothes may translocate to our internal organs causing negative impacts on respiratory, hepatic, immune, and gastrointestinal systems.

Thus, it is high time to address these challenges.

5. Solution idea

To solve environmental problems, reducing the life span the textile waste is of significance. One of the key solutions is to promote the use of natural clothing items and fabrics, which are easy to dissolve, promote soil health, reduce water usage, and protect local ecosystems.

Keeping that in mind, ECOSILKY seeks to combat climate change and its effects by directing consumers to use sustainable fashion, which is made organically with lotus, banana, mulberry, and coffee. ECOSILKY aims to not only manufacture sustainable clothing items or sell natural fabric and silks but also research and develop other naturally sustainable materials to boost manufacturing worldwide with plants from the native country. ECOSILKY will establish social campaigns to promote eco-friendly consumption as well.

Furthermore, ECOSILKY will be able to spread the traditional value of Vietnam to the world – the beauty of Vietnamese conventional organic textiles technique with premium quality. With the types of organic material used, ECOSILKY commits to promoting good health and well-being with non-toxic and non-allergenic natural fabric. ECOSILKY believes our sustainable approach can provide more employment opportunities to developing and underdeveloped areas, thus creating a sustainable source of income for farmers and workers worldwide.




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