1. Social issue

Nowadays, the advancement of technology has made modern life more convenient. However, this has also risen the proportion of people having obesity and diabetes. According to a report about the World’s number of deaths by risk factor in 2019 by IHME, the total annual deaths caused by obesity and diabetes are 5.02 millions and 6.5 millions respectively. Therefore, people are becoming more and more attracted to health protection and sugar control solutions. Following this, a trend of replacing sugar with natural sweetener has appeared among both consumers and producers.

In addition, people in remote mountainous border areas of Tay Giang are blessed by nature with a tropical forest ecosystem, rich land and fresh climate which are suitable for many medicinal agricultural products such as ginseng, Caryota, oranges, bananas,… Unfortunately, these economic advantages have not been exploited. Deforestation in these areas only serves the purposes of farming low value products like rice, corn, potatoes with primitive methods, leading to inefficient manufacture and below-standard life quality.

2. Social solution

Understanding aforementioned problems, ForestFoods’ project with Tr’Din syrup product aims to bring innovative values to Tay Giang mountain areas. Our product is a natural sweetener extracted from Tr’Din tree’s resin, following environmentally friendly production of “green” and “clean” organic standards. Tr’Din syrup perfectly meets the demand of vitamin supplements, antioxidants and low glycemic index of people with obesity, diabetes and health supplement consumers.


Furthermore, with land, materials and employment advantages, the Tr’din syrup industry has huge potential for extending economies of scale and creating sustainable employment for mountainous ethnic people. This will also benefit households’ income, giving them a better life. Moreover, developing Tr’Đin tree planting areas helps protect the environment, regenerate water resources and capture carbon emissions. Finally, Tr’Din syrup plays an important role as a regional concentrated product which not only can raise recognition of Tay Giang areas but also increase trading and tourism opportunities of mountainous regions.



This is our sample bottle of Tr’Din Syrup

[SBC 2023] ROUND 1

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GLOBAL SBC Round 1 Presentation – Team Forest Foods – TrDin Syrup