Ruway, Description

Social Purpose 


At Ruway, a community-based tourism startup in Latin America, we focus on fostering sustainable development and local job creation in the communities and cities of the region through responsible tourism. Our goal is to create a network of authentic and unique experiences, articulating the agents of the tourism sector; allowing visitors to connect with local cultures and traditions, while supporting communities in the creation of sustainable economic opportunities through decent work. 


We seek to promote responsible tourism practices that preserve the natural and cultural wealth of the region, through the implementation of innovative technological solutions, improving the efficiency and quality of the tourist experience, while supporting the continued economic growth of local communities; having as a base principle, adaptation.  




Ruway is a platform that connects locals, tourists and institutions, while facilitating access to the tourism proposal that Bolivia and Latin America has, positioning our region as an attractive destination for international travelers, providing experiences where visitors can connect with the culture, community and nature of their destination; At the same time, it promotes responsible tourism and sustainable development of local communities; applying technology as a tool to achieve the mission, improving the efficiency of tourism management in our region, systematizing processes that improve the experience and safety of tourists, articulating the agents of this sector for economic development as a whole.