Project description

Application of Orange Peel after taking water in the production of Green products

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Project description

Social challenge:

Garbage and air pollution are global hot issues that have negative impacts on the environment, people and economy of Vietnam. Moreover, the area where people’s oranges are grown in Vinh Long province in particular and the whole country in general are falling into a state of devaluation and at the same time, the large amount of orange peels released into the environment is affecting the air. heavy.

Essential oil from orange peel after taking water and organic media is the solution to both of these problems. A product that supports human health and protects crops is the door to the sustainable development of Vietnam, where more than 40% of the population is engaged in agriculture.

Solution idea:

We research and test for 2 main product lines: orange essential oil after taking water and organic medium which is the end product of orange peel. The product, after taking water, is a unique product in the market that creates jobs for people and increases income.


Q GREEN offers environmentally friendly products and reduces environmental waste in addition to affordable prices. By combining research with easy-to-grow Vietnamese ingredients to create a sustainable economy.

Q GREEN is easy to use and reduces waste to the environment, thus benefiting farmers and communities consuming green agricultural products. It also helps to solve the problem of dumping waste into the environment, while improving the income of local people by creating jobs for farmers.

Contribution to UN goals:

Goal #15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss learn.)

Second, Promote production and consumption of products in many provinces to help create jobs for people in production areas.

 #Goal 8: Encourage sustainable, inclusive and continuous economic growth; full employment, productivity and decent and decent work for all) and ensure a pattern of continuous production and sustainable consumption

#Goal 12: Ensure a sustainable production and consumption model

The project not only applies common and relatively expensive medicinal herbs, but brings high efficiency to create a functional food product that both detoxifies, purifies the body, and solves various health problems. acne problems, atopic dermatitis or support and strengthen the body’s immune system. The product uses completely available raw materials in Vietnam, all are easy-to-find, easy-to-grow, easy-to-harvest herbs that don’t require too much effort for care. Therefore, the planting and development of medicinal plants to create a product that supports health not only helps increase income for farmers who grow medicinal herbs, but also limits soil erosion and thickens the ecosystem. forests, helping to diversify and richer in quantity in Vietnamese crops. From there, contributing to the dissemination of useful information and knowledge about the uses of herbal plants, helping researchers to delve deeper into the study of each active ingredient in the plant and create good products, improve people’s health without having to synthesize or import products and foods from abroad. At the same time, the project also contributes to improving people’s understanding of environmental protection, creating a habit of using clean products as well as foods that support health and protect crops. Support Vietnamese agricultural products for farmers.

After a long time of research and testing, the team has successfully developed essential oils and fertilizers. Here are some product highlights.

About the product: the product is researched from orange peel after squeezing the water, after optimizing the process, the team has produced the dosage form of essential oils and fertilizers.

  • Essential oils: convenient, safe, suitable for all subjects.
  • Taste: fragrant, light bar, stimulating the taste buds of the audience, easily accessible to all audiences.
  • Outstanding effects: in addition to reducing stress, constipation,. . . The essential oil also has antioxidant effects, reduces skin aging, lowers blood cholesterol, inhibits the growth of cancer cells.