Why LingoTune?

14% of United States population is estimated to have dyslexia. Less than 1% of the 14% is diagnosed, the other 99% simply doesn’t know it has dyslexia.

Between 70% to 80% of kids attending schools with a large minority population have poor reading abilities.

The high school dropout rate for kids with reading problems is 62%.

Over 50% of NASA employees are reported as dyslexic. Dyslexic people have fantastic brains and abilities, but they are failed by the system.
85% of prisoners are dyslexic.

The biggest issue is the system does not recognize and consequently help people that suffer from dyslexia at a young age. Often times, teachers aren’t trained on the matter, they lack educational resources, and stigma surrounds the subject. All of those elements cause fade outs in children suffering from Dyslexia. Their self esteem is lowered. They don’t trust the educational system and attribute their failures to inadequacies rather than lack of resources to help treat their dyslexia and give them the tools they need to succeed.
They think they may just not be suited for school, whereas they simply don’t know they’re suffering from dyslexia and lack the help they need!


LingoTune fixes that problem by offering an app that has proven to have a 92% accuracy in diagnosing people with dyslexia, and that integrates itself seamlessly into a classroom. We improved upon an older app which showed tremendous performance results when diagnosing children with dyslexia.

The issues the app had were it was only in Spanish, couldn’t be integrated into a classroom environment, and didn’t use recent technology advancements.

Our app doesn’t require any knowledge or training about dyslexia and integrates seamlessly into a classroom environment.

Teachers just open the website and click on a button to assess children. It also gives intuitive feedback on class performance and who may or may not have dyslexia in a clear and precise way.

It innovates further more by adding an eye tracking module for individual assessments of dyslexia by using recent technology and camera phones, which has been proven to be 94% accurate in diagnosing dyslexia when combined with AI algorithms!

By early diagnosing people with dyslexia, we will prevent them from getting out of the school system early, and not exploring their full potential. We can easily change the world by coming to the rescue of children suffering from dyslexia.

Additional ground breaking facts:

The U.S. prison population was 1,230,100 on December 31, 2022, a 2% increase from 2021 (1,205,100). At year end 2022, persons sentenced to more than 1 year under the legal authority of state and federal correctional authorities accounted for 96% (1,185,500) of the total U.S. prison population.20 sept. 2023
So by doing a quick calculation: 1,230,100 * 85% (which have dyslexia), * 115,000$ (annual cost per prisoner in federal prison)= 117,300,000,000= 117 billion dollars per year we could possibly save!! Additionally to the money we could generate by keeping people in the educational system and redirecting them towards the help they need !
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