The problem: Users are facing many dangerous problems when conventional incense sticks do not ensure the origin of raw materials and production process.

Problem’s placement: Northern Vietnam

People affected by the problem: People use popular incense products

Severity of the problem: When burning incense, it creates fine dust and toxic gases. Inhaling incense smoke can irritate the respiratory tract, increasing the risk of respiratory diseases. Incense is soaked in chemicals such as H3PO4. To date, many super cheap incense products contain this chemical and are sold normally. Incense sticks with white ash like lime or snow are made from limestone powder (CaCO3) used in construction. Incense manufacturers buy cheap incense on the market and then mix it with sawdust and lime in certain proportions to create a snow-white color for freckles and completely cut down the cost of herbs. may endanger the health of users.

Urgency/The problem calls for action: These products are still being consumed today without users being aware of their harmful effects. Let’s change and innovate together for a better life.

Social ideas:

MyNong provides incense products that ensure consumer needs such as: origin, cleanliness, green ingredients, guaranteed process, sustainable consumption, design, time value,… With three main components includes incense powder (from the roots of the Huong Bai tree), incense sticks (a type of stem from the Bamboo family) and rolling paper. No preservatives or chemicals. The product has been well received and received many good feedback from customers. The rate of shoppers returning to buy next time is 100% and there are new customers every year. The annual product supply does not meet the high demand of customers, showing that the attractiveness and quality of the product is very good. Along with that, MyNong is cooperating with farming households for sustainable rural development, creating jobs for some households and hoping to create more jobs. With a material that is easy to grow and live in, and has the ability to withstand weather changes very well, ensuring farmers grow materials with guaranteed quality and quantity. The vetiver tree is harvested all year round, ensuring product continuity and creating opportunities for all workers to participate in production. MyNong is very interested in the goals of the United Nations. With goal number 8, MyNong always aims to apply technology to create a favorable production environment, productivity and satisfactory income for workers. With the expansion of online sales through Page and e-commerce platforms, jobs with good income have been created for many people, including MyNong employees and local workers. For goal number 3, Health and a good life. MyNong pays great attention to ingredients and processing processes, to create products that are beneficial to users’ health, helping them have a better life when current popular incense products are harmful. and not guaranteed. MyNong always accepts contributions and comments from everyone to improve and modify for the better.