Problem (challenge)

• Vietnam’s annual export of vegetables and fruits reaches: 3.3 billion USD but the loss rate is 40% (2020 report – source
• With plastic waste pollution, especially plastic bags used annually, there are 30 billion plastic bags (source

Cause of the problem

• Due to the use of degradable packaging that takes a long time to decompose (decomposition time of hundreds of years), the earth is overloaded due to the increasing amount of packaging, causing pollution and gradually taking up land area for other creatures and even even humans. Besides, packaging that takes a long time to decompose contains pathogens that cause pollution and disease to the air and environment of humans and animals.
• The awareness of packaging users in Vietnam is still not high, leading to indiscriminate disposal of waste

Affected characters

• Animal
• Human


• The earth is getting warmer and the temperature and climate are changing erratically
• The amount of CO2 that causes the greenhouse effect and freshness is increasingly lost over time
• Floods, droughts, and pollution happen everywhere
• Illness occurs more often. Many strange diseases appear due to increasing pollution
• Human immunity is increasingly low


• Using environmentally friendly packaging and protecting and maintaining the quality of fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables, while maintaining nutrients and mineral and vitamin content in food will help the body be provided Providing more antibodies and nutrients => improving health, improving the surrounding environment.