Social Challenge: 

Our project of safely-made corn noodles focuses on resolving food safety issues and agricultural environment protection, helping corn farmers achieve substantial economic value and make a stable living in their area of working. Heading towards a sustainable cultivation of organic corn.

  • Problem: The emergence of toxic additives and pollution during the manufacturing process of corn noodles is threatening consumers’ health and leaving an adverse impact on organic corn supply.
  • People affected by the problem: All of the consumers and corn farmers
  • Severity of the problem: It can exert a detrimental effect when consumers who get exposure to food additives and chemicals are faced with health problems, whether slight or severe. In addition, pollution caused during the manufacturing process also does harm to our ecosystem and natural resources.
  • Call to action: As of recent circumstances, food safety problems and agricultural environment protection are increasingly urgent. Therefore, our project focusing on producing safe food products from corn noodles feels an urgent need to protect consumers all over the globe.

Social Idea:

Originated from safe and fresh corn ingredients, produced under strict control and regulations, our corn noodles products do not only meet food hygiene and safety regulations but also meet the taste preferences and can be customized to create a variety of dishes. Since establishment, our corn noodle has gained numerous achievements such as: a 3-star OCOP product, Certificate of Recognition for outstanding industrial produce at Provincial, Regional and National level. We can ensure that products made from corn noodles are 100% healthy and greatly contribute to the achievement of 7 sustainable goals of the UN: Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3, Goal 8, Goal 9 , Goal 11 and Goal 12.