1. Project: Bio-Advances JSC
  2. Slogan: “Bio-based wellbeing for a diverse world”
  3. Mission: “Taking advantage of bio-diversity advances to make a better life”

Bio-Advances JSC has just been established with the aim of bio-based life transformation. At this new-born stage, the priority goal is to help consumers keep body in shape based on bio-installments. It does not mean we merely target healthy losing weight methods, but more than that: we build wellness naturally via awareness of bio-diversity in food plus its easy practical daily applications which we supply and co-walk with clients in their journeys of life transformation. The next stage has we provide a bio-diversity eco-system fitting customer demands for a better life.


  1. Vision: “For a world less of chemical toxic”

On discussing human well-being, there are several angles to access. From the perspectives of Bio-Advances JSC, we emphasise the food being absorbed everyday as one of key roots controlling both mental and physical health. To illustrate, the proper rate of cacao in chocolate once taken into the body positively impacts the brain in creating new ideas and increasing the ability to overcome pressure. Similarly, once chemical toxic stored in food are consumed, then, it is evidence that not only human health being negatively influenced but also the environment harmfully affected. The long-term effect comprises the declining-quality in community sustainability as well as life on land and life below water.

  1. Solutions contributing to SDGs

In Ho Chi Minh City, the report shows in every 2 children, there will be a child suffering from obesity, meanwhile, in Hanoi, roundly 41% is written for obese people aged 5-19 years old. The National Institute of Nutrition under the Ministry of Health publishes Vietnam obtaining the highest proportion of obesity in ASEAN with the speed being either doubled or tripled after each decade. More in detail, before 1970, about 2% was noted while in 2020, approximately 16% was marked. Looking into the global scale, World Health Organisation on Mar 1st 2024 states: “In 2022, 2.5 billion adults aged 18 years and older were overweight, including over 890 million adults who were living with obesity”. That means over a quarter of the world population is overweight provoking the threat to workforce health (SDG3), sustainable community (SDG11), responsible consumption and production (SDG12), and environment regarding life below water (SDG14) and life on land (SDG15). It is high time that a sustainable solution should be presented to address this negative context worldwide.

At present, there are numerous methods available in the market to support losing weight. However, the majority of those approaches contains hidden damage to the human body, namely water shortage, as well as not creating long-term good results. On the opposite, Bio-Advances JSC offers a bio-based method to control weight with the purpose of keeping the body in good structure sustainably through Gut Microbiota which refers to the entire ‘population’ of 100 trillion microorganisms living in the digestive system, including about 1000 different species of both good and bad bacteria. A healthy digestive system (gut) contains around 85% of good bacteria and about 15% of bad bacteria. The outcome of this balance varies, and some illustrations are presented as follows.

  • Empower digestive function: It increases the production of short-chain fatty acids plus intestinal pH being a major biomarker for colon health, and improves mineral absorption such as calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Support blood sugar management: It lowers insulin levels circulating in the bloodstream while maintaining blood sugar control to prevent the risk of diabetes.
  • Enrich kidney health: It declines biomarker molecules for inflammation namely interleukin-6 (IL-6), hs-CRP, and TBARS as well as toxic nitrogen compounds in blood that produce in the intestines, especially indoxyl sulfate.
  • Assist mental health: It develops the beneficial bacteria in the gut that can synthesize serotonin, thereby helping to improve mood, and rises serotonin secretion which also gains the production of melatonin – the hormone to sleep well.
  • Manage weight: It limits the caloric density of foods and the body fat, especially fat to be stored. It, too, prevents fat from being burned as well as earns satiety and reduces the feeling of hunger.

In brief, thanks to prebiotics technology, Bio-Advances JSC invents natural resistant starch with the highest rate of over 17% in the Vietnamese market to balance Gut Microbiota. This product is not only designed as an alternative meal to supply nutrients, plus vitamins, but also manages weight targeting a fit body structure. This is a USP that the other available products in the market failing to achieve since after consuming this product for at least one month, apart from losing weight, the immune system and overall healthcare are also strengthened.

Additionally, what makes our natural resistant starch stand out of the pool is the ingredients in terms of mung bean, green banana, and oat taken from sustainable farming, saying “no” to chemical fertilisers as well as achieving net-zero waste manufacture. More to the point, we create jobs for the tribe living on Bak Can mountain where we operate both our material source and firm. In addition, our wastewater management is of highly qualified. As doing so, there is no doubt that Bio-Advance JSC contributes to:

  • SDG3 – Good health and wellbeing as providing a bio-based method of losing weight without any harm to the body but improving the health
  • SDG11 – Sustainable cities and communities as taking good care of health for the congregation
  • SDG12 – Responsible consumption and production as supplying chemical-toxic-free products to the consumers
  • SDG14 – Life below water as managing the wastewater
  • SDG15 – Life on land as running net-zero waste manufacture

In conclusion, after the Vietnamese market, with the patent soon being well-recognised, Bio-Advances JSC plans to access foreign markets with the high proportion of people facing overweight issues. For references: Please kindly keep track of some of our outstanding cases at:

We look forward to being a part of the SBC Competition to broaden our horizon to get ready for the next step of entering the global market.