Practical Need and Significance of the Idea

There’s a pressing need for sign language education due to the rising number of deaf and hard of hearing individuals.  Currently, a shortage of qualified instructors and limited learning resources hinder their access to communication and social integration.  This initiative holds great significance. It can offer sign language education opportunities for all, improve teaching quality by equipping instructors with better tools, and provide students with high-quality materials. Ultimately, this project can bridge the communication gap and promote social inclusion for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Content of the Idea

Aiming to bridge the communication gap, “Sign By Sign” offers a unique approach to learning basic Vietnamese sign language.  This project leverages the popular TikTok platform to deliver bite-sized lessons, fostering a community of learners.  Beyond the free content, “Sign By Sign” expands its reach by offering online courses and selling handicrafts crafted by individuals with disabilities, providing a sustainable model for the initiative.


Expected Results

“Sign By Sign” tackles social and economic issues with a multi-pronged approach. It aims to elevate public understanding of sign language, fostering a more inclusive society.  Furthermore, the project empowers individuals with disabilities by providing a platform to sell their handcrafted goods, promoting economic independence and bridging the social gap.  By offering online courses alongside these initiatives, “Sign By Sign” ensures its own sustainability, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits both learners and creators.


Outstanding Features of the Idea

Sign By Sign breaks the mold for sign language learning with its vibrant and innovative approach. Utilizing the popular TikTok platform, the project promises a fresh and engaging learning experience. By creating unique, captivating content and utilizing creative teaching methods, Sign By Sign goes beyond traditional learning, making sign language education accessible and enjoyable for a whole new generation.