The Amazing Effect of VAC-Saponin Sweet Potatoes Onto The Landing Resources As Well As The People’s Lives In Quang Nam Province

According to my knowledge, Quang Nam Province has strength in natural and human resources, contributing to the high growth of both the local and national economy. However, these resources haven’t been fully exploited resulting in the waste of natural factors combined with the deterioration of the quality of people’s lives in this area. So now, let’s come to us to find out the major issues and our solutions to them.
1. What are the problems?
• The waste of the devasted lands
• A high unemployment rate among farmers in Quang Nam Province
• A low level of applying microbial technology combined with saponin in farming
• Pollution is considerably grown due to the massive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
2. How to solve?
• Sweet potatoes containing a large quantity of saponin based on VAC will be provided for a range of chain supermarkets and grocery stores.
• Sweet potato leaves are for herbal poultry and pig farming.
• Processing snacks stemmed from VAC-Saponin sweet potatoes aims to help customers absord the healthy food into their body



3. What are the positive results?
• More job opportunities for peasants in Quang Nam Province
• Land rescource utilization
• Health enhancement for customers
• Quality assurance for animal husbandry
• The promotion of grafting saponin and microbial technology onto other farming products ( ex: sweet potato )
• Sustainable agriculture – Agriculture development

On the one hand, “Kolavina – Saponin” project potentially has the considerablely positive influences on soxciety and humans by following towards 17 United Nations Sustainabilty Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs), known as Global Goals, are a worldwide call to practical actions and solutions in order to deal with poverty and protect our planet which ensures a peaceful and prosperous life for all people around the world. Therefore, our team comes up with the idea that takes advantage of microbial technology – VAC into the process of growing sweet potatoes in Quang Nam’s lands as an exemple, stemming from the desire to make a contribution to the changes of national and international societies and people’s lives. It can be seen that a number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have been gained by “Kolavina – Saponin” project including:
 No property
 Zero hunger
 Good health and well-being
 Decent work and economic growth
 Life on land
On the other hand, this project is also expected to not only pave the way to develope the biological agriculture but also to boost the sustainable agriculture development worldwwidely owing to the fact that the farming method by combining between saponin and micrbial technoloy (VAC) will make a breakthrough in cultivation, circular economy and green growth for its increadible applications and amzing effects according to the aforementioned.
So, do you think this project is worthy to being invested or to being devoted? My answer is definitely YES. Then, let’s join hands to Live Green – Eat Clean with our team.
Thank you!