We aim to address UN Sustainable Development Goal number 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

1. Social Issues:

Currently, preschool teachers in Vietnam face challenges in accessing and implementing early childhood education methods due to limitations in knowledge and professional skills. According to a report from the Department of Preschool Education, Ministry of Education and Training in 2022, the rate of preschool teachers with substandard training is 23.3%.

Research from the National Institute of Educational Sciences also indicates that most preschool teachers lack opportunities to access modern early childhood education methods from developed countries (“Research Report of the National Institute of Educational Sciences,” 2022).

The “Early Childhood Education, Teacher Competency Framework in Southeast Asia” report by UNICEF in 2017 shows that the ratio of qualified teachers to students in preschool education in Vietnam is low at 18. This highlights the need to enhance the capacity of preschool teachers.

Additionally, Vietnamese youth are facing issues with basic learning skills and technology proficiency, as stated in the UNICEF Summary Education Report 2022. Specifically, only 47% of individuals with primary education can read simple passages, and only 35% of youth aged 15-24 have information technology skills.

2. Causes:

The shortcomings in preschool and secondary education stem from Vietnam’s educational system not meeting the comprehensive development needs of students, as reflected in education policies and assessments from international organizations like UNESCO and OECD. This is also the result of various factors such as resource constraints, traditional teaching methods, and insufficient training for teachers.

Assessments from international organizations like UNESCO and OECD also indicate that Vietnam’s education system needs significant improvements to meet the comprehensive development needs of students.

3. Affected Parties:

The number of preschool teachers and secondary school students in Vietnam is in the millions, thus the impact of this issue is extensive and nationwide.

4. Severity of the Issue:

The deficiencies in professional knowledge and educational skills of teachers can negatively impact children’s development. For adolescents, these shortcomings can lead to concerning consequences regarding personal and social development.

According to a 2023 study by the National Institute of Educational Sciences, only 30% of preschool students achieve the expected cognitive and comprehensive development skills. Deficiencies in critical thinking skills and socio-cultural knowledge among adolescents can lead to issues with personal development and social integration. A study by the Institute of Social and Human Sciences, National University of Hanoi, in 2022, shows that up to 40% of adolescents lack the necessary socio-cultural knowledge to adapt in a diverse social environment.

5. Urgency to Address the Issue:

The Re.Sky EduTravel project proposes international connections and diverse learning experiences to improve the quality of education and personal development for both teachers and students. We are of the opinion that international diversity and integration experiences in education are essential to meet the comprehensive development needs of students and enhance the quality of education in Vietnam.

For teachers, we will connect preschool education experts around the world, providing and empowering Vietnamese preschool teachers to do pedagogical research, international collaborative learning with a diverse online learning environment and in-person. By connecting teachers with international education experts and providing training courses, Re.Sky EduTravel helps improve professional knowledge and teaching skills for preschool teachers, thereby enhancing the quality of preschool education.

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For students, we organize international summer camps to enhance their learning experiences in various territories worldwide. Engaging in activities during these international summer camps, which expose students to the cultural diversity of Re.Sky EduTravel, helps them discover themselves, broaden their horizons, and develop social skills, thereby contributing to the United Nations’ goals of personal and social development.

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