Project “Developing and improving health care products from Vietnamese Cam Sanh”

Social Challenge:
Waste and air pollution are hot global issues, having negative impacts on the environment, people and the Vietnamese economy. Furthermore, the orange growing area of people in Vinh Long province in particular and the whole country in general is falling in value, and at the same time, a large amount of orange peels discharged into the environment are affecting the air. heavy.
Cam Sanh is the solution to both of these problems. A product that supports human health and protects crops is the door to sustainable development in Vietnam, where more than 40% of the population works in agriculture.
Solution ideas:
We research and test 3 main product lines: Orange Tea to support digestion, Hair Growth Spray and Orange Syrup to support resistance. New products on the market, creating jobs for people and increasing income and supporting health.We Providing products that are safe for users, the environment and increase income for Farmers. By combining research with easy-to-grow Vietnamese ingredients to create a sustainable economy.