Project Description

1. Heading toward a society with no paper waste 

2. Target social issue: Nowadays, the problem of waste pollution is getting more and more serious. The waste we produce are mostly being dumped into the sea, which leads to water pollution. Beside the industrial waste, on the domestic side, each day, there are tons of used paper that are thrown away. Unlike plastic, paper can easily be processed without the help of machines, and also, it is the main waste at most schools around Hanoi. Therefore, our project targetted to reduce the amount of paper waste, with the quota: “Green schools, for a green Hanoi”

3. Social solution idea: Our main point is to make another use of used paper, specifically, the paper will be made into small gloceries that can be used as a gift. By selling them, not only our project could partly reduce the gross amount of wasted paper, but also a part of our revenue from selling our product will be donated for charity.