Nam-Tural project description

UN goals:

Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Goal 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Nam-Tural thay đổi thói quen đốt rơm gây lãng phí tài nguyên và ô nhiễm không khí. Một triệu tấn rơm được xử lý sẽ tăng nghìn tỷ đồng thu nhập cho nông dân, giảm 3,1 triệu tấn Carbon. Chúng tôi hướng tới mục tiêu số 8, 13 của UN.

Social challenge:

According to the International Rice Research Institute, each year, Vietnam production of straws is 43 millions tons and Vietnam wastes up to 70% of the total production – about 1-3 billion USD. This is not only wasteful but also pollutes the environment, emits greenhouse gasses, obstructs traffic. Besides, other burning materials used to group fires in the market are mostly made from wood. This inadvertently increases the number of trees being cut down every year. From these 2 environmental problems, I had come up with an idea of making eco-firelighters using the main raw material of rice straw. I have set 3 big goals when making this startup which is to reduce 10 millions tons of biological waste per year, to create Vietnamese world-class products, and to raise income for farmers.


Solution idea:

Straw is a type of agricultural waste in Vietnam, farmers waste up to 70% of straw annually on average (according to data from the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture). Nam-Tural’s goal is to exploit 10 millions tons of the wasted straw in Vietnam annually, which is estimated to solve 31.1 million tons of CO2 emissions per year compared to firelighters made from wood (according to Nam-Tural research data). With this goal in mind, Nam-Tural replaces the wood material in the firelighters with straw, reducing the number of trees cut down, increasing the amount of CO2 taken up by the trees, and minimizing the amount of straw wasted. Moreover, Nam-tural collects straw for reuse, contributing to raising income opportunities for Vietnamese farmers. In addition, the material cost of Nam-Tural eco-firelighters is cheaper than rival products (wood wool firelighters).


Nam Tural creates highly flammable, durable, water-resistant eco-firelighters to recycle agricultural waste and support rural life.

Nam Tural buys rice straw from farmers to prevent the practice of burning it, protecting the environment, and combating poverty. We want to improve the country’s post-harvest system, aiming at goals 8th and 13th of the UN. Our Eco-Firelighter is the only one that utilizes rice straw’s softness, lightness, and high flammability in the market. Compared to other firelighters, the Eco-Firelighter is not only eco-friendlier but also relatively cheaper in price. It’s highly suitable for BBQ parties, camping and explorations as well.

Social media


Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing’s platforms


The ask and the campaign’s results

The ask

1. Farmers: Reason to contribute: significantly higher income, quick and easy rice straw processing method Nam Tural’s offers: money to buy rice straw, better post-harvest system, broad network in the agricultural sector. Delivery method: through rice straw warehouses near rice paddy fields and women’s unions

2. Final customers: Reason to contribute: eco-friendly product, significant social impact, superior product, low price Nam Tural’s offer: high-quality product sold at a reasonable price, loyal customers’ community who share the same interest in travel, camping, and outdoors activities Delivery method: through local distributors, supermarkets, physical stores, and online shopping platforms.

3. Distributors: Reason to contribute: diversified product range, strong environmental message, and collaboration sales campaign with Nam Tural to increase brand awareness Nam Tural’s offer: high quantity of products at historical cost, engaging promotion programs, a huge community of loyal customers to increase profits. Delivery method: common transportation means such as truck, train, or plane,… depending on locations.

4. Wax supplier: Reason to contribute: price and network Nam Tural’s offer: price and network Delivery method: common transportation means such as truck, train, plane,… depending on locations.

5. Society: Reason to contribute: positive social impacts, including higher income for farmers and reduced CO2 emission Nam Tural’s offer: a carbon-negative, fair trade company with a strong vision for a brighter future in sustainable energy. Delivery method: online platforms, offline campaigns,…


The campaign’s results

No Stakeholder Offers from Nam Tural The reason should support South Tural Payment-in-Kind  Estimate value (VND)
1 Angel Investors 5% stake in Nam Tural, payback after 18 months of operation. Contribute to building a project that makes a positive impact on society. Return on investment Machines for the production line for the first line                            200,000,000
2 Rural Contract to supply straw within 2 years Together with Nam Tural to build a sustainable business model, increase income 100 kg of straw as a sample                                    500,000
3 Climate Launchpad Vietnam 2021 A practical project with high applicability, and a good impact on society. CLP’s mission is to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change Coaching builds business models, builds presentations calling for investment, and connects with potential investors                              20,000,000
4 Social Business Creation 2022. A practical project with high applicability, and a good impact on society. An innovative global platform that promotes social businesses and trains participants on how to use market mechanisms to solve social challenges Coaching perfects ideas build business models completes projects                              20,000,000
5 Crowdfunding on Kickstarter The pledge of quality products and an impact on the environment                              5,900,000

Other information


With remarkable potential and great value ​​to the community, Nam Tural is extremely honored and proud to have gained many impressive achievements through prestigious startup competitions, including Climate Launchpad Vietnam 2021 and Social Business Creation 2022.

🌱 Climate Launchpad (CLP) is the world’s largest green business ideas competition. CLP’s mission is to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change. The competition creates a stage for those ideas. Climate Launchpad is part of the Entrepreneurship offerings of EIT Climate-KIC.

📌 While participating in CLP, Nam Tural had the opportunity to take part in CLP’s training programs, 1:1 mentoring sessions about building business models, product completion, capital raising, market approaching, and financial solutions, … given by top specialists in green entrepreneurship from both European and Vietnam. Nam Tural also had the chance to join the entrepreneur network to share experience and network with thousands of entrepreneurs from 55+ countries in CLP’s international entrepreneurship ecosystem.

🏆 We were awarded the Business-Market Potential Prize in CLP 2020 and made it to the top 5 projects (out of 28 projects in total), which earned us the chance to meet with investors in CLP’s network.

CLP Certificate _ Nam-Tural

CLP Certificate _ Nam Tural




📌 Social Business Creation (SBC) is an innovative global platform that promotes social businesses. Since 2018, Foreign Trade University has become the administration unit of SBC Hub Vietnam, among 08 regional hubs around the world.

🏆 In the first round of SBC 2022, Nam Tural has successfully surpassed numerous projects from all over the world to rank in the Top 20 Global Impactful Social Business Ideas.


Nam Tural - SBC

Nam Tural – SBC

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