• A clear social purpose statement (project’s one-liner of about 15 words or less)

Provide medical information globally to make the healthcare process faster, trustworthy and reliable. 

  • Clear description of the target social issue in one paragraph of 100-200 words

The social issue we are focusing on is that the healthcare sector doesn’t have a program or database in which all the patient data is kept. This is an issue due to the fact that patients may go to another doctor or specialist and have to tell the doctor all his or her medical background; this causes lack of efficiency in the field or in an emergency room the process can be obsolete, where doctors might lose precious time that might save a patient. Also, if you are in another country or if you are unconscious without any company, this makes it really difficult to have a proper diagnosis due to the lack of communication because of the language or if you can’t speak unconscious; and again doctors or paramedics might lose precious time.   

People when they go to the doctor might assume the risk of not knowing the name of the medicine they are taking or if they have a medical history that can be important for a diagnosis. People with low resources have too much on their plate and aren’t  experts, so having a database can help improve the medical system for all people. 

  • Clear description of the social solution idea in one paragraph of 100-200 words

Our product will be a universal database that is compatible with every operating system in the medical field. As well as available to translate medical records if necessary. This solution will be an app as well as a bracelet or necklace (slave bracelet) that will contain all medical records as well as important information in case of emergency, which doctors will be able to scan with simple machines with help of a unique code in order to access the information in the computer. This database will contain information regarding: allergies, if its donor or not, insurance, pre existing conditions identified by previous doctors who upload it with help of the database, recent procedures, medicines used, DNR, type of blood and family medical history. This application or web site will be accessible from anywhere in the world for people of scarce resources, elderly people, children and everyone. These records will contain anywhere from dental to radiological information. We want to minimize healthcare problems and errors, making information easy and accessible for all.